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5-a-side win!

The Microspot 5-a-side football team won 14-8 last night after a superb match! A game like that shows we are so much more than graphic designers, sales, marketing and 2D/3D software developers 🙂

Continuing work with a bigger smile today 🙂

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Socially active: Building the Microspot Community

Hi everyone!

Since the birth of the World Wide Web there have been many social aspects that have changed and have spawned a new generation as an Internet reliant society. Some of the most impacting areas of website prominence are Internet Shopping, Online Dating and Social Networking. Over the years the internet and social networking has become a useful tool not only for the consumer but for the vendors themselves, as a result, what began as a social experiment has now become one of the day-to-day means of communication. With this tool so readily available it has meant that marketing and corporate awareness has increased dramatically from the simple flyers and brochures to the digital marketing that we all know today. With the ability to communicate yourselves to a wider demographic, without actually changing your marketing patterns means social networking has given a new lease of life to the marketing world.

Microspot has joined the ranks of social networking to help build a community for it’s customers, which in time should help not only support our customers but to keep them informed of future developments. Why not join the Microspot Social adventure by following us on Facebook and Twitter (and on here!). These places will allow you to get all the latest news and updates, current releases, magazine information and much, much more. Have your say and give a shout out for the Microspot Team.


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Microspot-Ltd/409149342484276

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