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Flags of the World!

WordPress Flags Promotion

The Flags of the World graphics library is the perfect resource for all the clip art graphic content you need to create your cards, posters, invitations and personal documents. Including over 200 unique flags for the different countries of the world, not only that but with 3 different styles the library has many uses. With the different styles included in this library you can use the flags as icons, buttons and graphics for web, game and any other interactive content.

It is only $4.99/£2.99!! And can be used on OS 10.6 and above, on ANY MAc OSX application!

We had fun making it, so you’ll definitely enjoy using it for all your flag needs!

Check it out!


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Don’t forget to Check this out!

Don’t forget to check out our Products Page while your here!

LINK: https://microspotltd.wordpress.com/products/

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Quick FAQ

MacDraft FAQ

What is the DWG compatibility in MacDraft 6.0.5 ?

Support for AutoCAD AC1024 (2010/2011/2012) DWG files is now available, along with improved functionality when reading the DWG files.

How do I open my older MacDraft documents created by version 1.2 in the latest version ?

MacDraft version 1.2 documents needs to be opened in MacDraft version 2.1 and saved and this saved document needs to be opened in the latest version and saved.

Why is there no Outline and Shadowed text styles in MacDraft 5.5.0 and above?

MacDraft 5.5.0 and above uses ATSUI text features of Mac OS X. ATSUI does not support these styles at the moment. When it does, MacDraft will make use of them.

Why is it that when I double click on a MacDraft document, it is not opened in the latest version?

When you double click on the document, the system looks for the application that created by it’s signature , if there are more than one copy of the application, the system will launch the first one it encounters, which may not be the latest version. Remove all older versions of the application, renaming the application will not help.

Why is there no ‘set grid’ hierarchy menu in the Layout menu of MacDraft?

There is an incompatibility issue with MacDraft versions prior to 5.5.2 and Panther version of Mac OS X (10.3). Users of version 5.5.0 and 5.5.1 can obtain a free update to fix this problem. Users of versions prior to 5.5.0 need to contact their local dealer or Microspot with regards to upgrading MacDraft to version 5.5.

Is the latest version compatible with OSX 10.7 (Lion)?

Yes the latest version is compatible with the Lion however some of the Lion features such as Auto saving is not yet available in the product.

Does MacDraft run natively under Intel?

Yes as of version 5.6 MacDraft is a Universal Binary meaning it will run natively on an Intel Macintosh.

I work in education, can I get discounted educational pricing?

Yes we provide special pricing for education as well as classroom licenses, please contact us for more information.

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Welcome Back!

A very Happy New Year to everyone! We hope your holiday period was enjoyable and full of cheer !

Now, back to business…products!


We have a brand new Library that is available now!


It is our Seasonal Graphics Library that currently contains over 120 seasonal graphics items for use with invites, greetings cards, posters and much more.

This release includes items for the seasonal celebrations between December and January and you can also look forward to updates giving more seasonal graphics as they arrive in the upcoming months.

With this Seasonal Graphics Library, the user/buyer, will have immediate access to free updates when they are released.

We are releasing new content (in addition to the existing library content) for most major festivals, holidays and celebrations throughout the year, so this is definitely a must have Library!

Our libraries are compatible and useable with every Mac OSX Application (10.6 and above).

Pop on over to our website and have a browse of all our fantastic products!




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