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Happy St. David’s Day!

Happy St. Davids Day everyone!

Did you know, our Seasonal Library contains some gorgeous graphics to help you celebrate St. David’s Day?

Check it out! It’s only £6.99 ($9.99) and we are updating it for FREE for every major holiday in the coming year.

And if you haven’t already, check out our other products on our site www.microspot.com!


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Tips and Tricks for use with Microspot MacDraft #1

Tips and Tricks for use with Microspot MacDraft #1:

General Use of MacDraft

What if I always want to start drawing my lines or shapes with a certain Pen/ Fill color?

It is quite a common thing to use the same line and fill color when you are drawing objects in MacDraft. You can set these options as defaults for your MacDraft documents through the preferences. Simply change the Attributes for the Fill, Pattern, and line settings, go to the MacDraft menu and select Preferences. Click the Document Preferences tab and make sure that the “Fill Pattern and Colors” check box and “Line Settings” check box are checked on. Then click the Ok button. Once this has been done, every time that you open a new document, these setting will apply to the objects that you draw.


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Don’t forget to Check this out!

Don’t forget to check out our Products Page while your here!

LINK: https://microspotltd.wordpress.com/products/

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Quick FAQ

MacDraft FAQ

What is the DWG compatibility in MacDraft 6.0.5 ?

Support for AutoCAD AC1024 (2010/2011/2012) DWG files is now available, along with improved functionality when reading the DWG files.

How do I open my older MacDraft documents created by version 1.2 in the latest version ?

MacDraft version 1.2 documents needs to be opened in MacDraft version 2.1 and saved and this saved document needs to be opened in the latest version and saved.

Why is there no Outline and Shadowed text styles in MacDraft 5.5.0 and above?

MacDraft 5.5.0 and above uses ATSUI text features of Mac OS X. ATSUI does not support these styles at the moment. When it does, MacDraft will make use of them.

Why is it that when I double click on a MacDraft document, it is not opened in the latest version?

When you double click on the document, the system looks for the application that created by it’s signature , if there are more than one copy of the application, the system will launch the first one it encounters, which may not be the latest version. Remove all older versions of the application, renaming the application will not help.

Why is there no ‘set grid’ hierarchy menu in the Layout menu of MacDraft?

There is an incompatibility issue with MacDraft versions prior to 5.5.2 and Panther version of Mac OS X (10.3). Users of version 5.5.0 and 5.5.1 can obtain a free update to fix this problem. Users of versions prior to 5.5.0 need to contact their local dealer or Microspot with regards to upgrading MacDraft to version 5.5.

Is the latest version compatible with OSX 10.7 (Lion)?

Yes the latest version is compatible with the Lion however some of the Lion features such as Auto saving is not yet available in the product.

Does MacDraft run natively under Intel?

Yes as of version 5.6 MacDraft is a Universal Binary meaning it will run natively on an Intel Macintosh.

I work in education, can I get discounted educational pricing?

Yes we provide special pricing for education as well as classroom licenses, please contact us for more information.

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MacDraft 6.0.6 Update!

We’ve released MacDraft 6.0.6 and DWG Viewer 1.7.5!! To coincide with this new release we’re offering 10% off of our content libraries with discount code “10ADLIB12” This offer has now expired.

Get over to the Microspot website for more great offers and more information on all our products!

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MacDraft: Tom’s Mac Software Pick

Check out what Tom thinks of MacDraft!

MacDraft: Tom’s Mac Software Pick.

We love using MacDraft, but we always love to here what our users and customers have to say about our products. If any of you have used our products, please let us know what you thought!

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30 Years with Apple

In August 1980 after 16 years of making various electronic gadgets Microspot Ltd. became Apple Computer dealers and started developing software for the Apple II. Thus began a 30 year association with Apple which saw us developing software for CNC machining, plotter and printer drivers, 3D kitchen design, photo-editing and organizing, and continued to where we are now with MacDraft and Interiors for 2D CAD and 3D Interior design. In those 30 years we have sold thousands of products in hundreds of countries worldwide and hopefully provided good value to our customers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers and our employees, in California and the UK, that made this journey a success.  We look forward to bringing you all many new products in the next 30.

1980 CNC Talker

CNC Talker was the company’s first software product. It enabled programs for Computer Numerically Controlled machine tools such as the Bridgeport vertical milling machine to be transferred between machine’s built in computer and an Apple II and written and edited in the Apple. Where one off or small production runs were needed, the machine could be busy machining whilst the operator was programming the next task for the machine on the Apple. There was also a facility to plot the programmed tool path on the Apple’s screen or on a pen plotter for verification before risking trying the program on the real machine.

1983 Planit

Planit was developed for a customer to do kitchen design. Back in the early eighties 3D design was near the limits of what microcomputers could do and the original Apple 3 version was rapidly moved to the Apple Lisa as soon as these 16/32 bit computers became available. Subsequently moved to the much cheaper and faster Apple Mac the program was sold around the world before development was taken in house by the original customer. With this agreement, Microspot made spin off products Mac Interiors and Mac I.D. (Interior Design) These were later totally re-written using QuickDraw3D and became 3DWorld which was once demonstrated in a keynote speech at MacWorld SF, to show what Apple’s 3D technology was capable of and it was also bundled with one of Apple’s Mac computers.

1984 MacPlot

About the same time as Planit was moved to Mac, Microspot introduced a pen plotter driver program to go with it called MacPlot. This was subsequently developed into a full driver and under contract to Apple, was bundled with MacDraw 2 (aka Claris Draw) and MacProject as well as being sold as a stand alone product to work with any raster drawing product such as MacDraft and MiniCAD which became VectorWorks. When large format raster printers became available, special versions of MacPlot were produced for them, driving electrostatic, laser, thermal transfer, dye sublimation and ink jet printers. The name was changed to Graphic Pack and Ultra Graphic Pack.

1986 MacPalette

Microspot also made one small format driver called MacPalette. When Apple introduced the ImageWriter 2 they only had a black and white driver for it despite it being color capable. Microspot saw this as a golden opportunity, albeit a short lived one as Apple would surely soon bring out their own color driver. Using the source code of Microspot’s other products, a driver was produced in only two weeks and was so successful that Apple never produced their own color driver.

1995 Photofix

Microspot were distributors of a French company called LePixel which made photo editing software called Grey Station and Color Station. Microspot bought the products outright, renamed them PhotoFix and they became very successful being bundled with many cameras and scanners, often under the name PhotoStudio for Mac in a partnership with a Windows developer who bundled their Windows software with the same cameras.

The introduction of Mac OS-X pretty much coincided with the end of pen plotters and a new driver architecture. Microspot released XRIP to drive large format raster printers from OS-X. Microspot also re-wrote 3DWorld to produce Microspot Interiors, Interiors Professional, Modeller and 3D Toolbox.

From 1990 to present, Microspot Interiors is still a current product in the Microspot inventory. Developed from the early 3D World and MacInteriors, it has become an impressive tool for designing your interiors, rendering and creating movies.  Interiors was improved and redeveloped and new features were added to create a professional version. These included 3D modeling tools and also the user could create near photo-realistic renders of 3D models and Interiors.

In 1996 Microspot bought MacDraft from the authors IDD, who had virtually stopped development and started a program of improvements for it.. A cut down version called MacDraft P.E. (Personal Edition) was also launched. Microspot recently released version 6.0 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the product.

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As expected, Microspot has Demos of all the major products that we develop and sell. Anyone with the correct system requirements can download a demo to try!!

Go on, demos are free!!

Link: http://www.microspot.com/products/demodownloads.htm

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What to put in a Library?

As part of the ongoing development in the Microspot Camp, in addition to new applications, we are striving to increase the availability of extra library content for our existing users and potential customers.

As part of the ongoing and endless drive to churn out more and more graphic material to create these new content libraries, as you can imagine there are periods of time where even staring into space has left us lost on ideas. Help us to help you by letting us know your ideas on what content libraries you would like to see, these can be anything as our new library application on the app store can be used with any Mac OSX application not just our own products.



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Interiors Professional

Interiors Professional

Take 3D interior design and 3D modelling to a whole new level with Interiors Pro. Quickly and easily put together your designs. With the host of modelling tools you will have the flexibility you need to be truly creative without the computer slowing you down. By providing Interior space and modelling space in the same application with a shared furniture library Interiors Pro gives professionals the ideal environment for interior design and professional 3D modelling. . .

We also have a more compact version of Interiors.

For more information on Interiors Pro and for more Microspot Products, please visit:


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