Graphical Tips and Tricks for use with Microspot MacDraft #9

Tips and Tricks for use with Microspot MacDraft #9:

Graphical Use of MacDraft

How do I create a shadow effect on my designs?
At this time MacDraft does not offer the drop shadow or glow effects, this is something we are looking to include in future versions. However despite this you can create a shadow effect as shown in the above image, and give the illusion of a drop shadow.

When you have drawn the shape or object that you want to apply a shadow to, duplicate it so that you have a direct copy of it. Now because it will be a shadow you are creating, we no longer need the detail on the copy. Select the copy, and change the fill color of it to a light gray. Now change the pen color to either the same as the fill color or set it to none.

You will notice that the copy now has a kind of silhouette shadow effect. The final thing that you need to do is change its size so that it can be positioned correctly. Resize it depending on the shadow you are creating.

If you want a shadow with an offset like the image above then the size needs to remain the same.

If you want the shadow to be directly underneath then adjust the size to suit the lighting effect you want to create.


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