Tips and Tricks for use with Microspot MacDraft #6

Tips and Tricks for use with Microspot MacDraft #6:

General Use of MacDraft

My Library has gone missing from the Library palette, how can I get it back?
This is a common occurrence if you have moved the library that you are looking for from its original saved position. It’s not a problem, as you can get it back in the library palette quite easily, using one of these two methods:

  • Locate the place where your library is on your computer in the Finder, then drag it to the MacDraft Library palette. To drag it to the Library palette you will need to make MacDraft the active window while dragging. To do this drag the item, while holding the mouse button to drag, click the F9 key, then while still holding the mouse key down move the cursor to the MacDraft window and click the F9 key again. Then move the cursor to the library palette and release the mouse button to place the library.
  • Go to the Library palette and click the gear symbol in the bottom left hand corner. Select Open Library from the pop-up menu. An Open dialog appears, locate your library and click the Open button.

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