Tips and Tricks for use with Microspot MacDraft #5

Tips and Tricks for use with Microspot MacDraft #5:

General Use of MacDraft

I have a common set of items that I use in my drawings, that are not your typical symbols. What’s the best way for me to store these items in MacDraft?

Speeding up your design process is something that has become expected in the design industry, it is important to people that they can perform their task with speed and efficiency. Being able to store your commonly used items can help to increase your productivity, as you do not have to draw them every time you want to use them. So MacDraft has the new Library palette to help you. All you need to do is create a library of your own in the Library palette and drag the items that you use regularly in that library. To do this use the following:

  1. Get all of the items that you want to use in one document. (This will speed up the creation of a Library).
  2. Go to the Library palette and at the bottom left of the palette, click the gear symbol.
  3. In the pop-up that appears, select the New Library option.
  4. A Save dialog will appear. Give the Library a name and a destination to save it to and click Save (Save your libraries somewhere easy to locate. Maybe create a folder on your desktop called My MacDraft Libraries).
  5. The new library will appear in the library palette. Make sure the new library is selected and drag the items you want into the library window.

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